Here’s the first Tweet that apparently got me blocked by Goldust:

@WWEGoldust are you pleased that you are somewhat responsible for Sheamus’ gigantic rise through the world of sports entertainment?

And here’s the second Tweet:

@WWEGoldust will you bring back the Shattered Dreams move? It’s like a Brogue Kick, except so much more painful. #ouchies

Analysis: I guess I’m not that surprised that I got blocked, since @WWEGoldust has been blocking “smarks” at a pretty fast clip. I will state for the record that I do not think my questions were so out of bounds that it warranted a block. But life goes on.
This may encompass my sentiments about the dust up:

@TeamSethRollins:  Poor Y’all getting blocked by Goldust, how you going to live without  his tweets about beating codys ass or how much he loves gypsys